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by Rick Sharp

Feel like you’re just too busy to get in shape, look good, and feel great again? What if I could create a sensible program just for you that gets results and fits your lifestyle? Would that be valuable to you?


Training With Rick Sharp

If your goal is to get lean, build muscle, and improve your overall fitness levels then let me show you the way to reach your goals.

Rick Sharp has been an independent personal trainer since 2001, shortly after serving in the Marine Corps, and currently operates a private training service in Sedona, Arizona – specialising in physique transformations and maximising performance through proper training, nutrition, and lifestyle habits. Rick is now providing in home personal training services throughout Sedona and the VOC in Arizona.
Over the past two decades Rick has worked on developing the most efficient and streamlined programs possible to get his clients stronger, healthier, and more athletic.

His philosophy is that training smarter is better than simply training harder, and believes in developing his clients rather than trying to destroy them.

There is no room for ego, and every single rep is designed to bring you one step closer to being your best. There is no finish line.

Personal Training

You can have the chance to work with Rick either one on one, or in a small group setting in person at your home or office.

Online Training

You can work together with Rick from anywhere in the world and have him help you reach your goals through a custom designed program just for you and regular check ins to keep track of your progress.

Nutritional Counseling

Rick and his team will work with you to develop a nutrition plan that you can easily follow and gets you the results you are looking for.


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what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

Rick is by far one of the best coaches I have ever worked with. He has a very unique way of teaching and motivating his clients in a way that works best for them. I have learned so much from working with him that I have overcome my "gym shyness" and feel confident now working out anywhere and get compliments on my form and how strong I am almost everywhere I go to train. Taking the time to learn and apply his principles has drastically changed the way I train and saved me lots of time and frustration. I would highly recommend working with Rick if you get a chance, even if it is only for a short time to learn the basics and how to get the maximum results from your efforts.

Melanie S.

I've known Rick for over 12 years now and have trained with him many times to achieve my fitness goals. He gives me the motivation and no-bull sessions to keep me in check. Rick gives no shortcuts, no easy way outs, he's the real deal when it comes to results and hard work. He can design your nutrition, workouts, travel routines, and always has a big smile! No matter your fitness needs pre or post event, weekend warrior, need to lose those handles or whichever, Rick is the trainer to call.

James D.

A Work In Progress Personal Training is a great choice for anyone. Whether you've just had a baby or trying to score touchdowns in the NFL, they can help. They will create a workout and diet plan according to YOUR goals and see you through to the end. I can't tell you how much they have effected my life and own personal well-being & overall fitness. Highly recommended!

Eli R.

I was first introduced to Rick about 10 years ago as a teenager and he was always extremely helpful and generous with his time; giving me advice, teaching proper form and even spotting at heavy weight. Recently I began training with Rick again. He exposed me to a great deal of new exercises and techniques aimed at achieving my specific fitness goals. Within 3 months I have gained a significant amount of size and strength with Rick's advise and expertise. I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals, regardless of what they are.

Rob L.

Rick is as good as it get's when it comes to helping you achieve your maximum results in the shortest time possible. I think he may have been more committed to reaching my goals than even I was! 🙂 If you have the opportunity to train with Rick........DO IT!!!!

Dennis C.

I recently started personal training sessions with Rick/A Work in Progress. He is very encouraging and personable. He has really shown me the proper posture I should be using while working out which I never received from previous trainers. I really look forward to my training sessions because every day I feel healthier and stronger.

Shelly C.

Rick Sharp helped me and my team win first place in a weight loss competition back in May 2009. He motivated and pushed us in the personal training sessions. He told us what we needed to do outside our sessions with nutrition, cardio, and weights. He taught us how to weight train with proper technique. I feel confident in weight training and now love to see how much I can lift. Not only did we win first place and lost weight, we gained lean muscle.

Kealani V.

I have used Rick's help and advice since the early 90's. He is the only person I know with the knowledge and experience that I trust to help me get the results I am looking for. He is professional, hard working, dedicated, and most importantly a man of integrity. That to me is everything being a female working with a male trainer.

Anna A.

I have been seeking Rick's help since the late 90's! His knowledge and motivation have helped my wife and I develop a successful personal training business and I always learn from the workout techniques and designs he has used to transform so many clients! Honesty and consistency are two trademarks you will find working with Rick and that is something very hard to find in the "big box gyms"

Anthony Ferguson of FergusonFitness – Roanoke VA

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Small group training 2-3 times per week in your home or office

Private Training

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1 on 1 – 2-3 times per week in your home or office.


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$1350 / 13 week


Online Training via your smartphone, tablet, or computer

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